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11_max192wDigital Eyewitness® ION In-car Video System from Kustom Signals

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  The Digital Eyewitness® ION is Kustom Signals latest in-car digital video system that is simple to purchase, simple to implement and easy to use.


The ION includes critical pre-event recording, automatic record activations such as light bar, siren, microphone, GPS and crash-detection activation. Additionally, the wireless audio system is automatically activated when the recording begins and automatically muted when recording stops. The automation of the ION ensures that officer's capture critical video and audio evidence without diverting their attention from the violator.

The ION doesn't require a back-office server or storage. It features DVD-RAM discs and removable hard drive media options that you can store on a shelf just like VHS tapes, allowing a department to use their existing evidence handling procedures to maintain a chain of custody.

The ION's playback packages are installed on a PC for easy playing, viewing and burning of copies for the courtroom while maintaining evidence integrity.

The new Digital Eyewitness ION  gives you maximum flexibility with a wide range of options for Compression Schemes, File Storage, File Transfer and Controllers. The ION  will also allow you to easily upgrade your system as technology or your requirements change. Most of all, you can count on the ION  to reliably capture and store your evidence with the quality and integrity needed to stand up in court.  


Pre-Event Recording - This user-selectable feature can be set to automatically capture 30 seconds to three minutes of video prior to record activation even while you're playing back another file. If an officer witnesses a vehicle crossing the center line or running a red light before the recorder is activated, this video evidence is automatically captured and recorded. This powerful evidence can save court time and money by quickly verifying what happened.  ClearComm DSS (Digital Spread Spectrum) - This 900 MHz transmitter features digital error correction to reduce data errors and to improve the accuracy of the transmission, resulting in fewer dropouts and better range. No white noise is transmitted, only clear, clean, accurate audio. ClearComm is automatically activated when the video system begins recording to ensure audio is recorded. Once the video recording has stopped, the transmitter automatically returns to standby to conserve power. 

With all cables, installation manual, operators manual and 90 day warranty.  

 we sell assemblies for repair purposes...please call




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